What you can expect by partnering with SimpleNext


Cost Management

Our self-funded health insurance solution, together with our digital health management platform allows us to capture data faster so that we can more effectively influence outcomes in a plan year. With reduced premium expenses and profit margins, not to mention captive dividends redistributed to members, you can expect a lower cost structure than traditional, stand alone self-funding.


A Healthier Workforce

Your employees will experience long-term workforce health strategies to identify and prevent modifiable risk factors resulting in improved health, increased productivity, and a more cohesive work culture. No two businesses are exactly alike and our customized solutions to promote employer/corporate wellness programs are tailored to your specific needs.


Performance Based Outcomes

By implementing the SimpleNext solution, employers may now manage the costs of its health insurance premiums better than before. Does this strategy, and the opportunity for the return of unused premiums and dividend-sharing, meet your needs for affordability? When was the last time your health insurance paid you back?